Units of Competency

Units of Competency – AVI40108

Upon successful completion of the Certificate IV in Aviation, you will attain the following Nationally Recognised Training units of competency:

AVIE4001B Maintain aircraft radio communications
AVIF4001B Manage human factors in aircraft flight
AVIH4001B Navigate aircraft – VFR
AVII4012B Manage aircraft passengers and cargo
AVIW4001B Manage pre- and post-flight actions
AVIY4001B Control aeroplane on the ground
AVIY4002B Take off aeroplane
AVIY4003B Control aeroplane in normal flight
AVIY4004B Land aeroplane
AVIY4005B Execute advanced aeroplane manoeuvres and procedures
AVIY4006B Manage abnormal aeroplane flight situations
AVIY4007B Manage aircraft fuel
AVIY4008B Control aircraft solely by reference to full instrument panel
AVIY4009B Control aircraft solely by reference to limited instrument panel
AVIZ4001B Manage situation awareness in aircraft flight

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