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Meet our Team - Chief Ground Instructor

Meet our Team - Chief Ground Instructor

As the Chief Ground Instructor for The Western Australian Aviation College, Andy Wood believes it is the duty of the college to prepare students for a future in the aviation industry. This starts with the structure of the course; Andy believes students need to be taught to understand the CASA aviation syllabus and not just how to rote learn the content to pass exams. The WAAC course structure ensures students gain a solid understanding of the CASA syllabus and are provided with the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a practical environment. This approach has proven a success time and time again.    

 Andy is humble in this acknowledgement of the success of the college. He reveals that it is a continued team effort to teach the syllabus with excellence. "I am very grateful for Mark, Ricky, Trent, and Kovieva who are a great team to work alongside without their help we would have never achieved the results we have. I would like to say thank you to them; I honour them and respect them greatly as instructors. It is a great pleasure to work with them."   

 Working with the college can be very rewarding, a highlight of any day is to see the joy on the student's faces when they pass a flight test or exam. "The greatest moments recently was when Lee Ting achieved her RPL; there is always an incredible atmosphere and spirit when a student reaches a milestone and rings the achiever's bell.  That atmosphere has been created by all of us here not only the staff but the students as well." Moments like these that show the true spirit of the club.    

 Outside of work is heavily involved with his wife's charity No Limits Perth. A charity dedicated to helping the less fortunate victims of domestic violence, vulnerable families and children, the elderly, those affected by fire, newcomers & those just doing it tough. No Limits Perth makes a difference through providing practical help by means of food hampers, furniture, toiletries & basic essentials. With the aim to equip and empower individuals to have hope for a brighter future. Check out the remarkable work Andy is involved in on Facebook @nolimitsperth.