About the Western Australian Aviation College Perth

Drawing on our experience of training pilots for 90 years

Considering a career in aviation? The journey from student to international airline pilot is one of perseverance and dedication. The Western Australian Aviation College has a reputation based on 90 years of experience in the aviation sector. The pilots that pass through our course not only consider safety as paramount but are given a considerable competitive advantage when it comes to a career in the industry.

At the Western Australian Aviation College we set our syllabus above and beyond governing body requirements, in order to position our graduates above the rest and produce a highly distinguished pilot with a great deal of aviation experience upon graduation. Our graduates are found in all areas of aviation, including Qantas, Virgin Australia, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Australia Regional Airlines (formerly Skywest), Skippers Aviation and the Royal Australian Air Force. The airline academy style training that our students receive; ensure they are the recipients of the highest quality training available on the market today.

Do you have what it takes to be a commercial pilot?

Whether you were born with your head in the clouds, flying is in your blood, or you’ve decided there’s more to life than living on solid ground, there exists only an elite breed of whom have the taste for flight. Contrary to popular belief, aviation students don’t have to be physic majors or excel at the highest level of maths, these skills, however not essential, act as an addition to the framework of the course.

The aviation environment calls for those with a decisive nature, someone who is competent with technology and can react to an ever changing, dynamic atmosphere. At the WA Aviation College we assure you to be capable of these skills and work with you to be the best pilot you can be.

Our Mission

To produce graduates who are professional, safe and competent for the benefit of the wider aviation community.

Our Vision

The Western Australian Aviation College would like to be recognised as a leader in:

  • Flight and theory training
  • Innovative learning solutions
  • Quality training services
  • Career ready graduates

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