The Western Australian Aviation College Advantage

What sets the Western Australian Aviation College apart from other aviation training services is that we concern ourselves with achieving the highest standard; even though many of our competitors make claims they are just as prestigious, the Western Australian Aviation College is the only accredited RTO (registered training organisation) in the Perth area to deliver flight training. Whilst this accreditation is a voluntary registration, the accountability behind the endorsement assures students (and their parents, alike) they are receiving the best possible training for the price they pay. We expect a level of professionalism from our students and therefore our students expect that level back.

Many of our pilot alumni go on to become the instructors that train the next generation in aviation. We are satisfied that with the level of procedure our students endure they are more than capable of passing the torch to the next in line.

Our partnership with the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia means students have access to well established premises; expertly maintained aircraft (under the supervision of Chief Engineer, Glen Caple), million dollar facilities based at one of the busiest airports in Australia (measured by aircraft movements) and the enormous network of budding pilots, all of whom share the same dream.

Training facilities

Before a future pilot can embrace the gift of flight, we begin by teaching the fundamental theory. Briefing rooms provide an intimate approach between student and instructor, allowing a secure sense of knowledge before the fun can begin.

With on campus lecture theatres, students have the chance to meet and work alongside their peers and future colleagues within the industry.

Situated alongside the Royal Aero Club of WA amenities, the Western Australian Aviation College is surrounded by a departure lounge atmosphere, where everybody is either coming or going; staffed by a friendly and informed team who have come from a background in the aviation industry themselves.

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