Pilot Resources

Aeronautical Information Package (AIP)

Access the AIP including the AIP Book, Departure and Approach Procedures (DAPs) and En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA).

View the Aeronautical Information Package

Jandakot Visual Pilot Guide

The Jandakot Visual Pilot Guide can be used for planning VFR Flights in the Class D environment.

View the Jandakot Airport Visual Pilot Guide

Day Visual Flight Rules Guide

The Day VFR Guide aims to help pilots fly safely anywhere in Australia. The guide is broken up into five areas and has a handy index.

View the Day VFR Guide

Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR)

The Civil Aviation Regulations contain the ‘road rules’ for the sky.

View the Civil Aviation Regulations

Civil Aviation Orders (CAO)

The Civil Aviation Orders provide binding guidance for areas such as the issue of a pilot licence and commercial pilot flight and duty limitations.

View the Civil Aviation Orders

Civil Aviation Advisory Publications (CAAP)

The CAAP provide guidance in a designated subject area, and show methods acceptable to an authorised person for complying with related CARs.

View the Civil Aviation Advisory Publications

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