For each aviation theory subject, an appropriate supplementary examination needs to be sat by the student. These exams have a pass mark of 70% (except Air Law subjects which are 80%).

Recreational Pilots Licence Exam

The Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL) Exam requires a 70% pass mark. The CASA RPL Exam can be conducted at the College. Bookings can be made to sit the exam 7 days a week on (08) 9417 7733.

Private Pilot Licence Exam

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Exam requires a 70% pass mark. The PPL exam may be sat at the WA Aviation College Campus at Jandakot Airport, utilising a direct link to the CASA computer system. Upon completion of the exam, a Knowledge Deficiency Report (KDR) is issued and the outstanding areas of knowledge are to be tested prior to issue of a Private Pilot Licence (generally completed at the same time as the flight test). Bookings can be made to sit the exam 7 days a week on (08) 9417 7733.

All other examinations

All other examinations, including Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Theory subjects, Instrument Rating Theory (IREX) Examination and Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) Theory Examinations, must be sat with Assessment Specialists (ASPEQ), who are contracted by CASA to administer these exams.

Conveniently located at the Royal Aero Club facilities (41 Eagle Drive), individual bookings can be made through the ASPEQ website at https://casa.aspeqexams.com/. Students on the integrated Diploma syllabus will have bookings made by the College on their behalf.

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