Instrument Rating Theory (IREX)

The Western Australian Aviation College offers a full time Instrument Rating Theory Course, held over two weeks.

The College’s Instrument Rating Theory Course adheres to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s syllabus and will provide the required preparation to be successful in the examination. In fact, our past students have enjoyed a 95% success rate, first time, in what is known to be one of the most difficult examinations.

Students will also need to come prepared with a range of aviation documents, including:

  • Civil Aviation Orders
  • Civil Aviation Regulations
  • Aeronautical Information Package – AIP (or Jeppessen equivalent)
  • EnRoute Charts – ERC (or Jeppessen equivalent)
  • Terminal Area Charts – TAC (or Jeppessen equivalent)
  • Departure and Approach Plates – DAPs covering all of Australia (or Jeppessen equivalent)
  • EnRoute Supplement Australia – ERSA (or Jeppessen equivalent)

Find out more about sitting the Instrument Rating Theory Examination.

Instrument Rating Theory Evening Course (2 weeks 6pm-9pm)

If you would like to make an expression of interest for our IREX course please email

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