Private Pilot Licence

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Exam needs to be successfully completed before either participating in solo navigation exercises outside the training area (this may vary dependent on the syllabus you are completing) or attempting your PPL flight test. CASA require a mark of 70% or higher in order to pass the exam.

The PPL Theory course may be completed on a full time or part time basis. The course is held full time three times each year, or is available as a part time evening course. The part time evening course is held each week of the year on a Tuesday and Thursday night, with students able to join the course at anytime.

The Western Australian Aviation College is also able to facilitate students sitting the exam at our Jandakot Airport Perth Campus, using the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s PEXO system. Find out more about the Private Pilot Licence exam.

To view our upcoming PPL full time course dates or PPL evening course dates, click to view our current schedule by month at the link below.

Download the online application form to enrol for the PPL evening classes. Email If you require any additional assistance contact our Manager Client Services on (08) 9417 7733 or email

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