Recreational Pilot Licence

The Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) Exam needs to be successfully completed prior to students undertaking their Recreational Pilot License (RPL) flight test.

The Western Australian Aviation College covers all theory required for the completion of the RPL Exam on a full time, part time or weekend basis. Our three-week full-time course is offered three times a year or alternatively students have the option to complete the course across an evening course from 6pm-9pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays for 4 and a half weeks. This course is partnered with our Private Pilot License Evening School and covers the sufficient content to satisfy the requirements to pass the Recreational Pilots Licence exam. Students also have the opportunity to complete the course over three consecutive weekends 8:30am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday. The part-time and weekend course are scheduled throughout the year.

The Recreational Pilot Licence Exam can also be conducted within our premises. Find out more about sitting the RPL Examination.

To view our current theory schedules by month, visit the link below.

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You can download the online application form to enrol for the full time/evening/weekend RPL theory courses below.

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