Industry Presentation – Royal Brunei Airlines Captain Allan Bradley

Aviation contains many perishable skills than must be practised on a regular basis, said Captain Allan Bradley at the May Industry Presentation. He gave an example of a large jet performing a less than text-book crosswind landing. “You can be sure that the pilot received a ‘please explain’ message from the fleet manager after that landing, as the aircraft nowadays contain sophisticated monitoring telemetry that record all actions by the crew.

Allan, a regular contributor to the College industry presentations is a captain for Royal Brunei Airlines. His passion for aviation and
desire to impart his knowledge and experience to students has made him a very popular speaker.

He gave students an overview of his career, starting from training at RACWA, smoke spotting to fund his multi engine instrument rating before securing a number of airline positions, culminating in joining Royal Brunei Airlines in 1993. His tenure with Royal Brunei Airlines has seen Allan progress from the 757 to the 767, then the A320 before his current position as 787 captain, an aircraft that Allan loves to fly.

Allan gave examples of incidents where standard operating procedures were not followed, and the resulting consequences. He stressed the importance of following SOPs and not allowing distractions to prevent you following the checklists. “A proper pre-flight check including a comprehensive walk around is absolutely essential. Remember, nowadays the public is recording a lot of your actions. As a pilot, you have to demonstrate professionalism at all times. You can be sure that any poor judgement you display could well end up on social media with the ensuing ‘Please explain’ from management.”

Students were divided into teams where they had to undertake a typical pilot interview game to evaluate the candidate’s ability to work as a team. “These games have a purpose and do count towards your assessment,” he advised. The winning team received prizes donated by Allan.

Prior to the presentation, students had been given a weight and balance exercise for the ‘RACWA A320’ that Allan had devised. The answers were all very close, and the winning submission was by WAAC student Silvester Wong with a TAFE team coming a very close second. Silvester will treasure a very exclusive watch that Allan purchased for the winner of the exercise.

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