Outstanding Achiever – Rocky!

Achieving your Recreational Pilot’s Licence is a wonderful milestone, but it does not always go according to plan.

We strive to have our integrated students complete their RPL Flight Test prior to commencing their PPL Theory. Due to adverse weather and many delays, Rochynus Gwijangge’s (Rocky) training was falling far behind and it was looking unlikely that he would meet the required deadline for his RPL Flight test.

The first challenge was getting ready for first solo – weather delays had many cancelled flights for Rocky. Rocky had a flight scheduled with me on a Sunday with storms passing through the area. Out of nowhere, there was a gap in the weather where conditions were absolutely perfect for a lesson. Together, Rocky and I rushed to prepare the aircraft and took to the skies for what became a very successful first solo! From here on, Rocky realised that with hard work and patience anything was achievable.

Rocky and I worked as a team to progress his training rapidly to a very high standard seen towards the end of the phase. A few small setbacks during RPL training initially presented issues that would have delayed training even further, however, the instructing and management team at WAAC worked hard to problem solve and successfully managed to help Rocky achieve ELP6 just prior to his flight test.

As a student, Rocky overcame many challenges, delays and always worked hard to achieve the goals set out for him. Upon passing his RPL flight test with John Douglas, Rocky felt a great sense of pride which he shared with all of his supportive classmates.

by Simon Saddick, RACWA Flight Instructor.

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