Well Done WAAC Class A19

I would personally like to congratulate A19 who have just completed their CPL theory block 1 & block 2. I am extremely pleased with the way in which they have approached their studies, with good dedication and discipline. I do believe that their results are a reflection on their hard work, with some absolutely outstanding results.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Herman Tsang for his dedication and hard work and to congratule Palak Aghera for achieving 100% in her Performance and Loading exam. Palak constantly strived to produce the best results possible and constantly self-critiqued her performance. She often put in extra study time to meet the high standards that she requires of
herself. As reward for her hard work, she has achieved excellent results in her CASA exams.

I would also like to congratulate Richard, all his hard work has paid off with some very good results and I’m very proud of him.
I would like to wish you all the very best in your next phase of flying as you all approach your CPL flying block, may I encourage you to concentrate on every flight, make sure you do your very best on each and every flight. Please remember the five “P” POOR PLANNING PRODUCES POOR PERFORMANCE!!! All the very best. Andrew Wood – WAAC Chief Groundschool Instructor

Pictured  Palak Aghera being congratulated on her perfect grades by WAAC Ground Instructor Herman Tsang.

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